General Assembly of the Bulgarian WEC Committee on June 27th, 2022

The Management Board of the Association “National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council” convenes a meeting of the General Assembly on June 27th, 2022, Monday, at 14:00 EET in the Building of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, 125 Tsarigradsko shose, Sofia.

The Agenda will be the following:

1. Report on the Association’s activities in 2021
2. Adoption of the Association’s budget and setting the amount of the membership fee for 2022
3. Adoption of the work program for 2022
4. Information about the new members
5. Change in the statute of the Bulgarian WEC Committee

Adding a new Chapter III:


Art. 22 (1) The Youth Section of the National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council (NCBWEC) shall be an integral part of the NCBWEC. It shall be open on a voluntary basis to members of the NCBWEC who meet the requirements of the World Energy Council's Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) programme.

(2) The YSNCBWEC shall organize and carry out its activities and tasks in accordance with the Statute, the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of the NCBWEC and the Rules of Procedure of the YSNCBWEC, which shall be adopted by all its participants.

(3) The adopted Rules of Procedure of the YSNCBWEC, as well as the proposed subsequent amendments thereto, shall enter into force from the moment of approval by the NCBWEC Executive Board.

(4) The person elected to represent the YSNCBWEC, in accordance with the YSNCBWEC Rules of Procedure, may attend the meetings of the NCBWEC Executive Board, expressing opinions and recommendations, but not participating in the voting in decision-making.

In view of the suggestion made for an addendum, the numbering of the chapters and articles to the end of the Statute are changed to maintain consistency in the document.

6. Miscellaneous

If no quorum, the General Assembly will be held on the same day at 15:00 EST, at the same location and with the same agenda.