Bulgarian participation in the 26th World Energy Congress

The 26th World Energy Congress, organised by the World Energy Council, was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 22-25 April. The prestigious forum was attended by more than 7,000 professionals from various fields of energy, including more than 250 panelists, representatives of various institutions, governments and others. The 26th World Energy Congress was also attended by more than 100 of the world’s leading energy companies, which presented their products and services.

The Bulgarian delegation was led by the Chairman of the Executive Board of the National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council (NCBWEC), Valentin Nikolov. It was also attended by leading figures from the Bulgarian energy sector.

The Bulgarian representatives took part in the various panels dedicated to key issues for energy development, such as energy security, power system development, implementation of innovative new generation nuclear technologies, etc. Discussions were held with representatives of leading companies from the oil and gas industry, the nuclear power sector, the renewable energy sector, etc.

The NCBWEC delegates held a series of meetings and participated in discussions on power system development, electricity storage projects and strategic management of the energy sector. During these meetings, key challenges for the implementation of the energy transition were reiterated, such as ensuring a high levels of energy security, securing access to critical raw materials and supplies, and developing human resources in all sectors of the energy sector.

In addition, the NCBWEC representatives participated in discussions related to FEL, the World Energy Council's Future Energy Leaders programme, which brings together the potential of young professionals from around the world. They also discussed the possibilities for joint initiatives between the youth sections of the various National Committees and the NCBWEC.

With the participation of the members of the NCBWEC in the 26th World Energy Congress in the city of Rotterdam, the tradition of strong involvement of the Bulgarian side as part of the World Energy Council was continued. The delegates of the NCBWEC expressed their satisfaction with the high level of organisation and the quality of the discussions within the 26th World Energy Congress.