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National Committee of Bulgaria for the World Energy Council (NCBWEC)

The National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council (NCBWEC) is the Bulgarian Member Committee of the World Energy Council. NCBWEC organizes the Bulgarian participation in WEC activities, participates in international energy projects organized by WEC, and promotes and disseminates information about WEC.

NCBWEC was established in September 2002. It is a non-profit organization devoted to the social benefit. NCBWEC is a voluntary association of individuals, private and public entities.


1. To represent Bulgaria in the World Energy Council (WEC) and to organise the Bulgarian participation in the WEC activities;
2. To research issues related to the supply and use of all forms of energy having high social benefit and minimum environmental damage, in short and long term.
3. To promote the research results
4. To exchange information within the energy sector
5. To collect, analyse, develop, and disseminate the energy sector perspectives.
6. To collaborate with other entities that have similar objectives

These objectives are being achieved through

1. Organization and participation in energy-related research, discussions, and technical programs;
2. Exchange of information under the WEC Global Energy Information Service;
3. Identification and analysis of the most important Bulgarian and world energy problems, preparation of proposals to solve these problems, and preparation of strategic recommendations;
4. Organization of seminars and conferences related to energy problems, publications, meetings and events;
5. Carrying out of meetings of NCBWEC and exchange of information among its members;
6. Collaboration with other entities.

Executive Board

Valentin Nikolov – Chairman
Alexander Nenkov
Angelin Tsachev
Atanas Georgiev
Dimitar Stoyanov
Emil Gavrilov
Stoyan Neshev

Details of National Committee of Bulgaria to the World Energy Council

BULSTAT (Organization ID): 131077686
Bank account (IBAN):  BG 15BUIN76041011105113
Allianz Bank Bulgaria